I have been focusing on writing extensively of late and part of that includes writing scenes and short stories based on prompts I’ve found online and in books. The following prompt is from Writer’s Digest:

Prompt:  A Broken (Deadly) Resolution—Only two weeks had passed into the New Year and Tim had already broken his first resolution: Don’t kill anyone. Write the Scene

The following is what I came up with:


Tim sat anxiously, beer in hand, as the clock began its final countdown. It had been a tough year for him. Not again, not in the New Year, he thought. This year would be different, this year no one would die by his hand.

Two Weeks Later

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Tim exclaimed.

He walked in circles, his hands pulling at his hair as he tried to figure out what to do. He passed a small metal trash can by the door. He kicked it hard. Unfortunately it didn’t fly into the middle of the room like he was expecting. Instead it hit the cabinet, bounced off, and collided with his right shin. He reflexively pulled back as the can rolled between his legs. Unable to maintain his balance, Tim went tumbling to the floor. This time, the trash can did fly out spilling its contents all over the fallen man who had just broken his New Year’s resolution.

The door to the quiet room opened.

“Doctor Brady, you’re needed in OR two,” the nurse said.

End Transmission.